High School Rep Acting: Scenes from Shakespeare

HSR Acting: Scenes from Shakespeare

From the high comedies and tragedies to the history plays, problem comedies, and late romances, Shakespeare was a master of many different genres which continue to fascinate and challenge us. This class will allow the student to discover the diverse world of Shakespeare’s poetics, exploring the theatrical, historical, cultural and political context of Shakespeare’s works in depth. Refine and stretch your acting abilities in this engaging class will let students to take their acting to the next level.

Skills Focus:

  • Understanding rhythm of the Shakespearian language and iambic pentameter
  • Recognizing Shakespeare themes and big ideas
  • Gaining confidence performing Shakespearian scenes and characters
  • Discussion and experimentation with adaptation and styles applied to Shakespeare

Thursdays 5:00-7:00 pm

Teacher: TBD


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