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Jr High/High School Tech: Sound and Lighting

Imagine a scene with a man and a woman sitting on a bench. The lights are dim and the sound of a train approaching fills the theatre. Now imagine that same man and woman, but the lights are bright and the sound of children’s voices is in the background. Lighting and sound is a crucial…
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3rd -5th Acting: Fairy Tale Favorites

Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to act we go! There’s nothing like taking the stage with your favorite stories accompanying you – with tales from fables like Snow White, Aladdin, and Peter Pan. Students will build confidence and focus on interacting with one another to create familiar scenes. They’ll also be given creative liberties…
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HS Improv 1

I’m going off script! Students think fast and have plenty of laughs in this upbeat class that teaches the fundamentals of improvisation. Not only will students enjoy games and comedic improv, but they’ll also learn techniques that will help them feel more confident as they grow. This class enjoys plenty of short form games and…
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