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HS Specialty: Directing

Take the lead in this class designed to discover the role of a director. Class will work together in groups to learn everything from how to analyze a scene, make design choices, lead actors & rehearsals, create staging and dynamic storytelling. Students will work both as actors and directors in a series of short scenes.…
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Jr High/High School Tech: Sound and Lighting

Imagine a scene with a man and a woman sitting on a bench. The lights are dim and the sound of a train approaching fills the theatre. Now imagine that same man and woman, but the lights are bright and the sound of children’s voices is in the background. Lighting and sound is a crucial…
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Jr High Singing: Hamilton

Don’t throw away your shot! If you’re walking around your house singing your favorite songs from Hamilton, then this is the class for you! Join others who loved the musical and can’t get enough of the soundtrack. Students will work on developing a consistent tone, pitch and rhythm with their favorite musical as the backdrop.…
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