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3rd – 5th Singing: Sing!

3rd – 5th Singing: Sing! Can’t get enough of this movie at home? We can’t either! But don’t worry, this class isn’t run by Buster Moon. Do you love Ash’s hardcore attitude and lyrics? Maybe you’re more of a softy for Johnny’s tunes? Or maybe Gunter’s moves are where it’s at? Whatever floats your boat,…
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3rd-5th Acting Harry Potter

3rd-5th Acting Harry Potter You’re a wizard, <insert your child’s name here>! This class is more than just flying around on broomsticks playing Quidditch. Students work on building confidence and interacting positively with others throughout the class. Using the world of Harry Potter, students will work on developing characters from head to toe using physicality,…
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K-2 Acting: Toy Story

K-2 Acting: Toy Story Want to go to infinity, and beyond? Of course you do! Buzz, Woody, and your favorite pals from Toy Story want you to join them on their latest journey to a far-off land. Students will work together in large and small groups to develop characters, humor, storylines, and ideas and then…
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