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by Lisa Loomer

A hilarious and provocative look at a modern family, ADHD, and - what?

Feb. 7, 8, 9, 14, 15 & 16 at 8pm

Feb. 10, 16 & 17 at 2:30pm

Feb. 10 at 7:30pm

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Directed by Amy V. Fenton


Melody Jefferies of Oak Park - Natalie
Kelli Kopp of Countryside - Sherry
Suzy Krueckeberg of Chicago - Mrs. Holly, Dr. Waller, Nurse
Rob Nardini of Naperville - Dad
Gina Palmer of Lombard - Vera
Jaime Sandoval of Oak Park - Dr. Broder, Dr. Jinks, Dr. Karmes, Actor with ADD
Tina Shelley of Brookfield - Mama
Laura Ciresi Starr of Brookfield - Dr. Zavala, Carolyn, Waitress
Ryan Coglianese of Western Springs - Jesse


Director - Amy V. Fenton
Assist. Director - Katie McClatchey
Stage Manager - Denny Wise
Assist. Stage Manager - Maggie Opal
Assist. Stage Manager - Arlene Page
Box Office - Mary Ellen Schutt
Costumes - Sue Wisthuff
Costumes - Jennifer Price
Dramaturg - Katie McClatchey
Hospitality - Joe Mills
House Managers - Cassandra Johnson
Lights - Mary Ellen Schutt
Make-up - Arlene Page and Suzy Krueckeberg
Program Editor - Ashley Kennedy and Mark MacLean
Program Bios - Ashley Kennedy
Props - Tim Feeney
Props - Tammy White
Publicity - Bob Cappetta
Set Construction - Rob Cramer
Set Design - Mike Huth
Set Dresser - Jeffery Siddall
Set Painting - Stacy McCargo
Set Painting - Kerri Mummert
Sound - John Mueller
Tech Director - Nick Schwartz

By Don Nigro

In this hilarious and puzzling who-done-it, Inspector Ruffing is confounded by five baffling and mysterious women.

Feb. 28, Mar. 1, 2, 7, 8 & 9 at 8pm

Mar. 3, 9 & 10 at 2:30pm

Mar. 3 at 7:30pm

Ticket and Box Office Information

Directed by David Rodriguez

Bob Erck - Mr. Ravenscroft/Patrick
Rachel Gilbert - Dolly, a maid
Ashley Kennedy - Marcy, a governess
Nicole Leatherwood - Mrs. Ravenscroft
Tina Matriciano - The Woman
Danny Parrott - Inspector Ruffing
Kathy Racine - Mrs. French, the housekeeper
Jennifer Schreiner - Gillian, the Ravenscroft’s daughter

Director - David Rodriguez
Stage Manager - Dave Bremer
Assistant Stage Managers - Stephanie Williams and
Sharon Sobotka
Set Design - Margaret Nikoleit
Set Construction Co-chairs – Mike Huth and Tom Frohnapfel
Set Dressing Co-chairs - Cheryle McKay and Janet Venzon
Paint Chair - Karen Holbert
Lighting Chair - Benton Bullwinkel
Sound Chair - Pat Politano
Props Chair - Pat Huth
Costume Chair - Lori D'Asta
Make-up Chair - Jaime Sandoval
Dramaturg - Marion Reis
Publicity Chair – Ginny Richardson
Sandwich Sunday - Karen Arnold
Box Office - Mary Ellen Schutt
Hospitality - Joe Mills
House Management - Cassandra Johnson
Program Editor - Mark McLean
Program Compiler – Ryan Yagoda
Technical Director - Nick Schwartz
Executive Director - Eddie Sugarman

By David Sedaris and Amy Sedaris
A zany tale about high-quality cheeseballs and making your way in the world.

Directed by David Knezz

THE STORY: Sister Elizabeth Donderstock is Squeamish, has been her whole life. She makes cheese balls (traditional and smoky) that sustain the existence of her entire religious community, Clusterhaven. However, she feels unappreciated among her Squeamish brethren, and she decides to try her luck in the outside world. Along the way, she meets a Cockney-speaking Ukrainian immigrant couple who find her a job waiting tables at Plymouth Crock, a family restaurant run almost entirely by recovering alcoholics. The alcoholics love her. The customers love her. Her Danderfrock fits right in. Things are going great for Liz, until she's offered a promotion to manager. Unfortunately, Liz has a sweating problem, and to get the job, she'll have to fix it. Meanwhile, back at Clusterhaven, Liz's compatriots just can't seem to duplicate her cheese ball recipe, and it's going to cost them their quaint, cloistered lifestyle. They are panic-stricken and desperate, and sure she sabotaged the recipe. Does Liz go through with the operation? Can the Squeamish be saved? Will the cheese balls ever taste good again? The answers to these and so many other questions can be found in the new comedy from the Talent Family, David and Amy Sedaris.

"…[a] delightfully off-key, off-color hymn to clichés we all live by, whether we know it or not." —NY Times.
"…[THE BOOK OF LIZ] may well be the world's first Amish picaresque…hilarious…" —Village Voice.
"…acidic laughs…linguistic delight…" —Variety.
"Good-natured, goofy and frequently hilarious…" —NY Newsday.
"…laugh-out-loud funny…" —

Sister Elizabeth Donderstock: Liz Steele
Sister Constance Butterworth, Sophisticated Visitor, Dr. Barb Ginley: Katie McClatchey
Oxana, Cecily Cole, Ms. Yolanda Foxley, Brother Hesikiah: Tammy White
Reverend Tollhouse, Visil, & Duncan Trask: Bob Cappetta
Brother Nathaniel Brightbee, Yvone, Donny Polk, Rudy Bruton: Patrick Deering

Stage Manager: Cal Turner
Assistant Stage Manager: Sharon Sobotka and Angelee Johns
Set Design / Tech Director: Nick Schwartz
Set Construction Chair: Jon Mills
Paint Chairs: Tina Shelley and Suzy Krueckeberg
Lighting Chair: Kurt Lemke
Sound Chair: Jack Calvert
Props Chair: Mike Janke and Suzanne Nyhan
Costumes Chair: Colin Reed and Eddie Sugarman
Make-up Chair: Kerri Mummert
Dramaturg: Rick Pavia
Annual Prod Coordinator: Mary Maureen Gentile
Set Dressing Chair: Rob Cramer

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