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Jr High Intro to Tech

Hammers, saws, paint, and more! Students are introduced to the basics of “behind the scenes” through thematic lessons about construction, set design, paint, lighting, sound, costumes, props, and stage management. This class works closely with the High School Repertory in preparing for their shows. Students should dress appropriately for backstage work and be ready to…
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Jr High Musical Theatre: Villains and Vixens

<Insert evil laugh here> Sometimes it feels so good to be bad! This theatrical class combines singing and dancing with your favorite “bad guys” leading the way. Whether it’s Ursula, Scar, Gaston, or Mother Gothel, these villains had a lot to sing about! A mix of a little bit of dance, drama and acting, students…
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CTWS Sampler

Learn to play a role, both on and off stage. Try a little bit of everything from improv, dance, acting to behind the scenes. This class allows you to get your feet wet in all the areas of theatre. It’s like a taste of CTWS! Try a little of everything and you may realize you…
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Jr High Improv 1

I’m going off script! Students think fast and have plenty of laughs in this upbeat class that teaches the fundamentals of improvisation. Not only will students enjoy games and comedic improv, but they’ll also learn techniques that will help them feel more confident as they grow into young performers. Skills Focus: Working as an ensemble…
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