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HS Improv 1

I’m going off script! Students think fast and have plenty of laughs in this upbeat class that teaches the fundamentals of improvisation. Not only will students enjoy games and comedic improv, but they’ll also learn techniques that will help them feel more confident as they grow. This class enjoys plenty of short form games and…
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Jr High Singing: Hamilton

Don’t throw away your shot! If you’re walking around your house singing your favorite songs from Hamilton, then this is the class for you! Join others who loved the musical and can’t get enough of the soundtrack. Students will work on developing a consistent tone, pitch and rhythm with their favorite musical as the backdrop.…
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Jr High Audition Skills

CTWS now has auditions for mainstage shows and we’re here to help you prepare! Discover your strengths in this relaxed atmosphere, and face your challenges for self-improvement. Whether you’re auditioning for the stage or presenting something at school, this class will get your ready to knock ‘em dead! Skills Focus: Understanding casting process Tools &…
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