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K-2 Musical Theatre: Ever After

All your favorite fairy tale characters come together in this mash up where worlds collide. Featuring songs from Cinderella to Peter Pan, students gain valuable stage presence and confidence while using imagination and creativity. Students in this age group also play a variety of theatre games to focus on the fundamentals of theatre, acting and ensemble work. Sing, dance, act- do it all and have a blast while discovering how amazing the magic of theatre can be!

Skills Focus:
• Imagination
• Rhythm/Movement
• Projection/Singing
• Spatial Awareness
• Group Dynamics

Tuesdays 5:00-6:00pm
Teacher: Emily Davis

Tuesday Classes Meet: January 9-May 1

  • No Class 2/27 (Tech Week)
  • No Class 3/27 (Spring Break)

Jr High Acting 2: Seussification of Romeo &


Pre-requisite: 3 acting classes and/or summer camps
To Seussify or not to Suessify Shakespeare’s works, it seems, did not bother the American playwright Peter Bloedel. He did it anyway, and we must be glad for the outcome! One of Shakespeares’ most famous works gets a re-telling, keeping the main characters and plot of the story, all in perfect Seussian style and verse. The Seussification Of Romeo and Juliet combines comedy, physical theatre and generous doses of lyrical poetry. And even though the playwright steers clear of Shakespeare’s famous use of blank verse, it is replete with sophisticated humor. Students in this class work towards performing a full one- act show in class.

Skills Focus:
• Ensemble acting
• Comedic physicality and timing
• Characterization
• Audition basics
• Memorization
• Creating environments, locations and emotional moments


Tuesdays 6:00-7:00pm
Teacher: Emily Davis

Tuesday Classes Meet: January 9-May 1

  • No Class 2/27 (Tech Week)
  • No Class 3/27 (Spring Break)


3rd – 5th Acting: Descendants 

Based on the hit Disney movies, this class brings you into the world of Disney's most notorious villains' children. Meet Mal, daughter of Maleficent, Carlos, son of Cruella, Jay, son of Jafar and Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen. Explore these unique and quirky characters and discover what happens when the magical and “real” world collide. This class has plenty of valuable scene work, character development, acting exercises, and improvisation to give the students a major acting skills boost. Take your acting skills to the next level with the next generation of Disney villains!

Skills Focus:
• Imagination
• Group Dynamics
• Developing Characters
• Storytelling
• Voice and diction
• Memorization
Mondays 4:00-5:00pm
Teacher: Joe Savino

Monday Classes Meet: January 8-May 7

  • No Class 1/15 (MLK Day)
  • No Class 2/26 (Tech Week)
  • No Class 3/26 (Spring Break)

HS Specialty: Adaptation

Students discover the art of creating new work based on existing material. Students will work collaboratively and experimentally to create theatrical scenes based on works of prose, fiction, historical events, and/or personal experience. Learn how to develop a script and adapt the tone, structure, characters, conventions and plot for the stage right off the page. Create the world of the play using various tools and transformative objects. Perfect for students who also love directing, improvisation or writing.

Skills Focus:
• Using existing literature to create new theatrical scripts
• Working collaboratively and developmentally
• “Pitching” ideas or concepts to ensembles
• Using movement, sounds, speech, ordinary objects and physicality to community meaning, characters and places
• Refining scripts and dialogue
• Communicating ideas through stage directions and written scripts

Thursdays 5:00-7:00pm
Teacher: Tripp Burton

Thursday Classes Meet: January 11-May 4

  • No Class 3/1 (Tech Week)
  • No Class 3/29 (Spring Break)

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