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Jr High Tech: Intro to Tech

Hammers, saws, paint, and more! Students are introduced to the basics of “behind the scenes” through thematic lessons about construction, set design , paint, lighting, sound, costumes, props, and stage management. This class works closely with the High School Repertory in preparing for their shows. Students should dress appropriately for backstage work and be ready to have a “drilling” time!

Skills Focus:
• Lighting & sound design
• Stage décor: paint, set dressing
• Designing and building props
• Safety in set design
• Articulate and explain how technical elements (costumes, make up, lights, props, set, sound) are integrated into a drama/theatre work
• Experiment with a variety of technical elements such as costumes, make up, lights, sound, props that can be applied to a design in a drama/theatre work
• Evaluate the production elements used in a drama/theatre work to assess theme and perspective.

Tuesdays 4:00-6:00pm
Teacher: Nick Schwartz

Tuesday Classes Meet: January 9-May 1

  • No Class 2/27 (Tech Week)
  • No Class 3/27 (Spring Break)


Jr High Improv: Improv 1

I’m going off script! Students think fast and have plenty of laughs in this upbeat class that teaches the fundamentals of improvisation. Not only will students enjoy games and comedic improv, but they’ll also learn techniques that will help them feel more confident as they grow into young performers. Fast paced and focused, improvisers will learn many new techniques that will serve them in many areas of theatre. From playing games to playing scenes, this class is sure to grow and stretch your student.

Skills Focus:
• Working as an ensemble
• Agreement (Yes And)
• How to gain energy in a scene
• Scene starters
• Short form games
• Creating characters
Thursdays 4:00-5:00pm
Teacher: Karen Holbert


Thursday Classes Meet: January 11-May 4

  • No Class 3/1 (Tech Week)
  • No Class 3/29 (Spring Break)

3rd -5th Dance: Radio Disney

“Alexa…play Radio Disney!” It’s time to bust a move to your favorite songs even if your only dance experience is in your living room. The atmosphere is high-energy and has you up and moving from start to finish. This is a perfect class for those looking to either enter into the world of dance or refine their skills. No prior dance experience need. S tudents will also focus on how to creatively move their bodies as actors while playing characters. You’ll learn the basics of dance and set your new moves to your favorite hits.

Skills Focus:
• Basic dance terminology
• Movement & rhythm
• Creative movement
• Entry level dance & choreography skills
• Spatial awareness
Tuesdays 4:00-5:00
Teacher: Erin Kennealy

Tuesday Classes Meet: January 9-May 1

  • No Class 2/27 (Tech Week)
  • No Class 3/27 (Spring Break)

Jr High Singing: Hamilton

Back by popular demand! Don’t throw away your shot! If you’re walking around your house singing your favorite songs from Hamilton, then this is the class for you! Join others who loved the musical and can’t get enough of the soundtrack. Students will work on developing a consistent tone, pitch and rhythm with their favorite musical as the backdrop.
Skills Focus:
• Rhythm & musicality
• Diction & projection
• Pitch and group blending
• Harmonies
Mondays 7:00-8:00pm
Teacher: Linnea Carerra


Monday Classes Meet: January 8-May 7

  • No Class 1/15 (MLK Day)
  • No Class 2/26 (Tech Week)
  • No Class 3/26 (Spring Break)
  • Classes WILL meet Presidents Day, 2/19

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