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3rd-5th Acting: Intro to Improv & Theatre Games

3rd -5th Acting: Intro to Improv & Theatre Games This class is great for students who want learning to feel like play! Using a variety of theatre games, students will be introduced to theatre basics while also strengthening performance and presentational skills. Imagination, quick thinking, group collaboration, gaining confidence are all essential ingredients in this…
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3rd-5th Musical Theatre: Newsies

3rd –5th Musical Theatre: Newsies Extra extra! The Newsies are coming to CTWS! Based on the hit Broadway show, students will sing and dance their way into history. Boys and girls are welcome to explore the world of the Newsies. Rousing songs, fun dance moves and exciting material will both challenge and ignite passion in…
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3rd-5th Musical Theatre: Rebel Kids! Matilda, School of Rock & Footloose

3rd-5th Musical Theatre: Rebel Kids: Matilda, School of Rock, & Footloose What better way to let your child release their inner rebel then with a class full of rebellious songs from Matilda, School of Rock, & Footloose? Singing songs such as “Naughty,” “Stick it to the Man,” “Holding on for a Hero” and so many…
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3rd-5th Acting: The World of Narnia

3rd – 5th Acting: The World of Narnia Step through a magical wardrobe to Narnia, a fantasy world of magic, mythical beasts, and talking animals, and adventures. Based on the classic novels by acclaimed author CS Lewis this class explores all things Narnia. Explore unique and quirky characters and discover what happens when the magical and “real”…
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