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Jr High Specialty: Playwriting

Jr High Specialty: Playwriting         This course is designed to familiarize students with the collaborative process of playwriting for the theatre. Students will gain experience in the writing of monologues and scenes, the structuring of comedic and dramatic material and the function of rewrites in the rehearsal process. Students will also read published plays, critiquing and…
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3rd- 5th: Specialty: Physical Comedy: Pranks & Pratfalls

3rd-5th Specialty:  Physical Comedy: Pranks and Pratfalls This class offers an environment to learn and develop skills in comedy and the creation of physical gags or “Schtick”. Using slaps, kicks, rolls, trips, pokes, and the art of the pratfall, students will create hilarious situations of comic conflict. Students learn elements and structure taken from the…
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3rd- 5th Tech: Props & Makeup

3rd – 5th – Tech:  Props & Makeup Go behind the scenes and create some magic! Students in this class will spend time learning two different disciplines: props and makeup. They will also assist in supporting the production of the Wizard of Oz. In makeup, they will learn techniques such as blood/gore, animals, fantasy, old age…
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